Secret Shield Encryption Pro

Secret Shield Encryption Pro

Protect your files business, organization  and personal data with centrally located key management system that doesn’t require commandline functionality using Public-key cryptography. Built-on Secret Shield Encryption v1, Secret Shield Encryption Pro is the supreme (Strong Cryptography) encryption program that’s just as easy to use as Secret Shield Encryption v1. Secret Shield Encryption Pro is packed with a host of features that includes file encryption, embedded images, search for keys, detached signatures, hash and hash verification of files and folders, Absolute assurity that the information you send or receive has not been modified in transit, securely manage yours and others keys, Little user training required, but help files are included, password-based encryption, encrypted zip files as well as working with X.509 certificates and best of all,you can work immediately with any OpenPGP user or compatible encryption program.

Some features:

Secret Shield Encryption Standard Features Pro
Strong 256-bit Twofish encryption. blue-check-mark_32x32
Supports AES 128, 192 and 256, Blowfish and other encryption methods. blue-check-mark_32x32
Supports RSA keys size up to 4096 blue-check-mark_32x32
Supports Elliptic Curve P-256, P-384 and P-512 blue-check-mark_32x32
Other supported symmetric key algorithms: TRIPLE DES, CAST5, DES, SAFER and IDEA blue-check-mark_32x32
Compatible with all popular Windows applications. blue-check-mark_32x32
Protects documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, data and more. blue-check-mark_32x32
Supports file Wiping and Secure Delete. blue-check-mark_32x32
Supports decrypts and encrypts files that can be opened with the following software:PGP ®PGP ® Universal ServerMcAfee E-Business ServerGnuPG (gpg), Gpg4Win, WinPTAuthora EDGEArticsoft FileAssurityGoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio and more.Signing, Encrypting, Decrypting and VerifyingSecure KeyStore (Password Access) for an added layer of security. blue-check-mark_32x32
Backup KeyStore to external storage devices. blue-check-mark_32x32
Password strength meter helps you choose the strongest passwords. blue-check-mark_32x32
No restrictions on 30 DayTrial software. blue-check-mark_32x32
No Back Doors. blue-check-mark_32x32
Allows creating an unlimited number of secure keys. blue-check-mark_32x32
Easy-to-use blue-check-mark_32x32
Minimize to System Tray blue-check-mark_32x32
Pre-login password authentication ensures only authorized individuals have access to data. blue-check-mark_32x32
PGP 2.x compatibility blue-check-mark_32x32
Reasonable cost. blue-check-mark_32x32
Searching by User ID & Hex in the KeyStore. blue-check-mark_32x32
Key Store Key Counter. blue-check-mark_32x32
Detached OpenPGP Signature. blue-check-mark_32x32
Folder Encryption/Decryption. blue-check-mark_32x32
OpenPGP Password Based Encryption/Decryption. blue-check-mark_32x32
Generate X.509 Certificates CA, USER & Self Signed. blue-check-mark_32x32
Generate X.509 Certificate Signing Request (CSR). blue-check-mark_32x32
Install Our Root Certificate and Protect Software. blue-check-mark_32x32
Built-in Lite Weight eMail. blue-check-mark_32x32
Send SMS Messages to Cell Phones. blue-check-mark_32x32
Create Self-Extracting Encrypted Executables. blue-check-mark_32x32
Built-in Diffie–Hellman–Merkle key exchange. blue-check-mark_32x32
Hashing functionality for both files and text. blue-check-mark_32x32
Create WinZip compatible AES Encrypted Zip. blue-check-mark_32x32
Search & Submit to OpenPGP Key Server. blue-check-mark_32x32
X.509 Directly Revoke Public Key. blue-check-mark_32x32
X.509 Create Revocation Certificate. blue-check-mark_32x32
X.509 Assign Designated Revoker. blue-check-mark_32x32
X.509 Revoking as the Designated Revoker. blue-check-mark_32x32
 Add images to your Public OpenPGP Key.The ability to Change the User ID and Expiration date of OpenPGP keys. Now, the KeyStore can be located on a shared network drive. Also, QR Code Generator for Public Key Generation.  blue-check-mark_32x32blue-check-mark_32x32

Everything you need to keep your files and folders secure is built into Secret Shield Encryption Pro. Give us a try and we’re sure you will love Secret Shield Encryption Pro. Downloaded for free and try it for 30 days no obligation.

Secret Shield Encryption Pro

Cost: $79.95

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