Authenticode Digital Signature Signer


EXESigner is now “Authenticode Digital Signature Signer” (ADSS) an easy to use code signing tool that uses Microsoft Authenticode signing technology and OpenPGP detached signature that create a digital signature and timestamps a document, any file or exe. All you need is a certificate from a certificate authority or create your own to use this simple program. Easy to understand help file is included with many pictures for a clearer understanding. Authenticode Digital Signature Signer was designed for anyone who wishes to digitally sign their applications, files and installer.

ADSS gives you an easy way to create a detached OpenPGP signature so that your recipients can verify that the file has not been changed. To sign files using OpenPGP you’ll only need the OpenPGP Armor formatted file. No more looking for code to sign your file, ADSS is here and it’s FREE. Just get your FREE per machine License at first startup.

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Check integrity of ADSSSetup.zip: ADSSSetupSIG

My Public OpenPGP Key for SSES

The ZIP MD5 Hash is: DAD7A70081F08082CCFA73A67D4512AF

SHA1 Hash is: 95FDB55A7F1532D9ECABECC9A801E37BA0FF794E
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